About Us

I'm Sacha the owner of Cherry Blossom.  I have been a florist for over 20 years and have travelled Nationally and Internationally with my work. I have worked freelance and for my father in his shop until 3 years ago I decided to open Cherry Blossom in Bexley Village. I love the whole community feel of the village and the shop with its history which is why I fell in love with it when I was looking for a shop to take over.  Our shop, years ago used to be the work house and has so much history to it.

I am so passionate about flowers that I have written several books on different subjects in the industry. I class myself as a very understanding, loyal, caring person and would do anything to help anyone out and this is a real asset within our industry as on many occasion we have got lots of people out of trouble and also helped people in their time of grief, making the whole process of ordering flowers for a loved ones funeral a lot easier.

I love how diverse our job can be from one day dealing with a funeral and the next a wedding as well as many other occasions.

One day is never the same in our job which is why its so interesting and challenging.

Although I now do a lot of talks within colleges, schools, corporates regarding opening your own business and the qualities needed to survive in a business I will always have a passion for flowers and always keep my hands in there somehow. 

Hello, my name is Millie and I am 20 years old. I have been brought up in floristry since I was born, when my grandad started his business. My mum used to take me to work with her from a small age as it is a family run business in the dartford area. As I grew up and I watched my family growing as florists I was taught how to do thing that is needed within the industry. I then used to help my grandad out in school holidays and then my mum got her own florist and I came and worked for her and have been here since. Also what I love about being florist Is that I'm able to make a positive impact on people's lives through my creative work with flowers, whether it be for a funeral, weddings and other occasions.

The story behind Cherry Blossoms Logo

When Sacha started up the company when branding it she was teaching women who had exited from prison she was teaching in drug rehabs that flowers can help you become a better person and that something can grow from participating within flower arranging. Sacha's positive, kind nature shone through and her branding expert got exactly what she wanted to create. The cherry Blossom being connected as there was a connection for floristry in her bones she oozes passion and positivity and has just an energy you want to work with. If you have not met her yet then you need to book a consultation with her and see for yourself. She then wanted her logo to represent that something grows from floristry and no not just the flowers but showing that on the logo with the cherry blossom branch coming out from the h.